Student Leadership

The Band Leadership Team (BLT) is a student-led organization within the band program whose purpose is to serve the Band for the greater good. Students learn and develop skills of communication, organization, problem-solving, work ethic, and compassion for their fellow students, their school, and the community.


Drum Majors

Sydney McDuffie - Junior Drum Major, Caroline Kibby - Senior Drum Major, and Abigail Lindwall - Head Drum Major



                Ryan Gordon - Brass Captain, Kaitlyn Rowland - Woodwind Captain, Andrew Lupton - Brass Captain, Dylan Wolford - Woodwind Captain, Cameron Coffey - Drumline Captain, Sydney Scifres - Color Guard Captain, Jonathan Davies - Woodwind Captain

Section Heads

Section Leaders

         Row 1:   Christina Bambach - Horn Section Leader, Maddison Triplett - Front Ensemble Section Leader, Nina Miller - Guard Lieutenant, Khori Moreland - Clarinet Section Leader, Megan Rodgers - Clarinet Section Leader, Abby Justine - Clarinet Section Leader, Abigail DeWeese - Flute Section Leader, Sarah Hong - Flute Section Leader.

                  Row 2: Lauren Ghighi - Bass Section Leader, Adam Davidson - Saxaphone Section Leader, Ben Olness - Low Brass Section Leader, Charlie Morrill - Bass Clarinet Section Leader, Michael Cochran - Quad Section Leader, Jackson Smith - Trumpet Section Leader, Philip Sommers - Low Brass Section Leader, Reed Smoot - Front Ensemble Section Leader.

Not pictured: Cassidy Camp - Trumpet Section Leader.


Band Officers

Christina Bambach - Junior Representative, Abigail DeWeese - Secretary, Dylan Wolford - President, Khori Moreland - Senior Representative, Reed Smoot - Sophomore Representative, Sarah Hong - Vice President

Not Pictured: Cassidy Camp - Executive Vice President